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Tilotta's Provisions, Inc., full line food distributor serving PA, NJ, DEL, and MD since 1935.


Through five generations, for well over a century, family owned and operated Amoroso's Baking Company has been legendary for its classic line of Italian Hearth-Baked Bread and Rolls. The best Philly cheese steaks, hoagies, roast beef and roast pork sandwiches got that way by starting with an Amoroso's roll. "Hearth-Baked" means our bread and rolls never see the inside of a pan and are free to form their own individual "personalities" in the oven. Each one is unique. All slightly different from each other.


Jim's South Street serves only USDA choice Pureland Authentic Black Angus Beef.

Tilotta's Amoroso's Rastelli